Green Deal Installers

Green Deal Installers

What are Green Deals?

It seems obvious right? Making your home energy efficient will save a lot of money. A decent boiler, windows that don’t leak heat perpetually and snug loft installation make homes comfortable through the cold winter months and over time, generate handsome saving through lower utility bills. However, recouping the cost of some improvements such as building solid wall insulation can take years. The Green Deal is a finance scheme introduced by the government to help solve this conundrum. Under the Green Deal, homeowners can get loans for energy efficiency improvements that can be paid back over 10 to 25 years. You can borrow money to install cavity and wall insulation, upgrade boilers and much more. To ensure that the household monthly costs do not increase, the repayments are always less than the energy savings.

Under the Green Deal finance scheme, only a government authorized Green Deal installer can install energy saving improvements. Some Green Deal installers specialise in one measure but most offer the complete package. First, an assessment of your home or business premises is carried out by a Green Deal adviser. After the assessment:

* A Green Deal advice report outlining all your options will be produced

* Improvements that are likely to be cost effective are identified.

* Standardised software will be used to identify what micro generation or energy efficiency improvements can be made and what the monetary savings will be.

* An outline on how the payments shall be made will be provided.

Some of the improvements that Green Deal installers can make to your home include: cavity insulation, drought proofing, double glazing, solid-wall installation, heating controls, new boiler installation and loft insulation among others.

Loans taken under the Green Deal finance schemes are usually paid through the electricity bill over the agreed period. The amount to be paid is typically lower than the average household savings on electricity bills; you’ll start enjoying the benefits of having an energy efficient home from the onset.

What are the benefits of Green Deals?Green Deal Installer Glasgow

Whether you are a homeowner, landlord, or tenant, the gene deal offers a number of real benefits; from increasing the market value of your property to saving money.

Benefits to homeowners/landlords

* You’ll be fully compliant with the new legislation i.e., Property that meets energy efficiency level of E or better.

* You can command hire monthly rent from an energy efficient home

* Your property’s value will increase

* Your property will attract more clients looking to reduce their utility bills

Benefits to tenants

* Clients get to enjoy a safer, warmer and more energy efficient home.

* The energy saving changes can reduce your bill as well as reduce the likelihood of structural problems.

Green Deal Installers in Glasgow

The good news is that you don’t even have to cover the cost of having your property assessed by our Glasgow Green Deal installers or assessors. The government’s Home Improvement fund will refund you the money if you go ahead to install two or more Green Deal qualifying measures. The Green Deal finance scheme can be used for over 40 energy saving improvements from boiler upgrades and double glazing to oft insulation an under floor heating. The only limit is how many of these improvements will help, and if they can pay for themselves over time.